My imagination makes me human
and makes me a fool;
it gives me all the world
and exiles me from it.
--Ursula K. Le Guin
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August, 2005

Summer in Knoxville has its moments, not always as boring as first impressions might imply. Driving down Sutherland Ave last week to buy a watermelon and Grainger County tomatoes at my favorite small produce market, Farm Fresh, I smiled at the sign in front of the Marble City Baptist Church: "Come on in: this is a prayer-conditioned church." Behind all the local-yokel/born-again reality, the South also has a refreshing way of poking fun at itself, and Knoxville its own brand of Suttreecentricity.

Urban dwellers meet up for Sunday brunch at Market Square Kitchen, and while they may be ultra cool with laptops and the NYTimes, they're just as likely to order a fried bologna sandwich with their omelette as a croissant. This summer's production of Twelfth Night by the Tennessee Stage Company on the Square had a Malvolio who seemed to have been influenced by Elvis. More later....